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Vol 11 A Brief Criticism of the ‘Two Paths to Liberation’ Theory Abstract
Bhikkhu Anālayo
Vol 1 A Buddhist ballad from Bangladesh: the Sambhūmitta Pālā. An apocryphal jātaka from Southeast Asia to an Indian tune Abstract   PDF
Paola Tinti
Vol 10 A comparison of the Chinese and Pāli versions of the Śāriputra Saṃyukta, a collection of early Buddhist discourses on the Venerable Śāriputra Abstract   PDF
Mun-Keat Choong
Vol 2 A comparison of the Chinese and Pāli versions of the Bala Saṃyukta, a collection of early Buddhist discourses on “Powers” (Bala). Abstract   PDF
Mun-keat Choong
Vol 1 A comparison of the Pāli and Chinese versions of the Devatā Sam. yutta and Devaputta Sam. yutta, collections of early Buddhist discourses on devatās “gods” and devaputras “sons of gods” Abstract   PDF
Mun-keat Choong
Vol 7 A Comparison of the Pāli and Chinese Versions of the Gāmani Samyutta, a Collection of Early Buddhist Discourses to Headmen Abstract   PDF
Mun-keat Choong
Vol 11 A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism. by Lin, Chen-kuo and Radich, Michael (eds.) (2014). Details
Rafal Stepien
Vol 2 A Geographical Perspective on Sectarian Affiliations of the Ekottarika Āgama in Chinese Translation (T 125) Abstract   PDF
Tse-fu Kuan
Vol 10 A Note on Śramaṇa in Vedic Texts Abstract   PDF
Brett Shults
Vol 11 A Note on Refuge in Vedic and Pāli Texts Abstract
Brett Shults
Vol 8 Abhidhamma Studies III: Origins of the Canonical Abhidha(r)mma Literature Abstract   PDF
L S Cousins
Vol 1 Ambitions and Negotiations: The Growing Role of Laity in Twentieth-century Chinese Buddhism Abstract   PDF
Eyal Aviv
Vol 1 An Early Korean Version of the Buddha's Biography. Abstract   PDF
Sem Vermeersch
Vol 9 An Ethical Critique of Wartime Zen Abstract   PDF
Brian Daizen Victoria
Vol 5 Anatomy of Quarrels and Disputes Abstract   PDF
Linda S. Blanchard
Vol 6 Apocryphal Treatment for Conze’s Heart Problems: “Non-attainment”, “Apprehension” and “Mental Hanging” in the Prajñāpāramitā Hrdaya Abstract   PDF
Shì Huìfēng
Vol 12 Asian Traditions of Meditation. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2016, xv + 254 pp. by Halvor Eifring (ed). Details
Peggy Morgan
Vol 12 ‘Epithets of the Mantra’ in the Heart Sutra Abstract
Jayarava Attwood
Vol 11 ‘That bhikkhu lets go both the near and far shores’: meaning and metaphor in the refrain from the uraga verses Abstract
Dhivan Thomas Jones
Vol 10 Beings, Non-Beings, and Buddhas: Contrasting Notions of tathāgatagarbha in the Anūnatvāpūrṇatvanirdeśaparivarta and *Mahābherī Sūtra Abstract   PDF
C.V. Jones
Vol 9 Book Review Abstract   PDF
---- ----
Vol 8 Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
---- ----
Vol 4 Book Reviews for Vol. 4 Abstract   PDF
---- ----
Vol 6 Book Reviews Vol 6 Abstract   PDF
--- ---
Vol 4 Brahmanical Terminology and The Straight Way in the Tevijja Sutta Abstract   PDF
Brett Shults
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