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Vol 6 Full Volume Details   PDF
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Vol 7 Full Volume Details   PDF
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Vol 14 Gilles Béguin (English translation by Narisa Chakrabongse), Buddhist Art: An Historical and Cultural Journey. Bangkok: River Books, 2009, 400 pp., 680 colour illustrations, 22 maps and 78 plans Details
Nicolas Revire
Vol 10 Giovanni Verardi,Hardships & Downfall of Buddhism in India. Manohar publication New Delhi, 2011. Details   PDF
Reviewed by Geoffrey Bamford
Vol 1 Greater Magadha: Studies in the Culture of Early India by Johannes Bronkhorst Details   PDF
Richard Fynes
Vol 10 Halvor Eifring, Meditation and Culture: the Interplay of Practice and Context. Bloomsbury Press. London, Delhi, New York and Sydney, 2015. £64.99. 240 pp. ISBN: 9781472579911. Details   PDF
Reviewed by Sarah Shaw
Vol 8 Heart Murmurs: Some Problems with Conze’s Prajñāpāramitāhrdaya Abstract   PDF
Jayarava Attwood
Vol 10 How Was Liberating Insight Related to the Development of the Four Jhānas in Early Buddhism? A New Perspective through an Interdisciplinary Approach Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Polak
Vol 3 Images of Zanskar Abstract   PDF
Ana Carolina Fong
Vol 4 In Search of the Khmer Bhikkhunī: Reading Between the Lines in Late Classical and Early Middle Cambodia (13th–18th Centuries) Abstract   PDF
Trude Jacobsen
Vol 7 Japanese Buddhism in the Third Reich Abstract   PDF
Brian Victoria
Vol 6 Japanese Influence on Buddhism in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
Yu-shuang Yao
Vol 9 Journal details and editorial Details   PDF
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Vol 11 Journal info, Author bios, and Editorial Details   PDF
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Vol 14 Language, Conscious Experience and the Self in Early Buddhism A Cross-cultural Interdisciplinary Study Abstract
Grzegorz Polak
Vol 10 Levitation in Early Buddhist Discourse Abstract   PDF
Bhikkhu Anālayo
Vol 10 Michel Mohr, Buddhism, Unitarianism, and the Meiji Competition for Universality. Cambridge (Mass.) and London: Harvard University Press 2014. Details   PDF
Reviewed by Louella Matsunaga
Vol 3 New Light on Enlightenment: A Convergence of Recent Scholarship and Emerging Neuroscience? Abstract   PDF
William H. Walters
Vol 6 On Careful Distinction between Usages of Dharma/Dhamma Abstract   PDF
Geoffrey Bamford
Vol 6 On the Buddha’s Use of Some Brahmanical Motifs in Pali Texts Abstract   PDF
Brett Shults
Vol 7 Orality, Memory, and Spiritual Practice: Outstanding Female Thai Buddhists in the Early 20th Century Abstract   PDF
Martin Seeger
Vol 7 Overcoming “Sentimental Compassion”: How Buddhists Cope with Compassion Fatigue Abstract   PDF
Fung Kei Cheng
Vol 4 Parmenides and Nāgārjuna: A Buddhist Interpretation of Ancient Greek Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Nathan Tamblyn
Vol 9 Phabongkha and the Yoginī: The Life, Patronage and Devotion of the Lhasa Aristocrat, Lady Lhalu Lhacham Yangdzom Tsering Abstract   PDF
Joona Repo
Vol 13 Portrayal of the Didactic through the Narrative: The structure of Aśvaghoṣa’s Buddhacarita Abstract   PDF
Tanya Bharat Verma
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