A comparison of the Pāli and Chinese versions of Nāga Saṃyutta, Supaṇṇa Saṃyutta, and Valāhaka Saṃyutta, early Buddhist discourse collections on mythical dragons, birds, and cloud devas

Mun-keat Choong


This article first examines the textual structure of the Nāga Saṃyutta (no. 29), Supaṇṇa Saṃyutta (no. 30), and Valāhaka Saṃyutta (no. 32) of the Pāli Saṃyutta-nikāya in conjunction with their Chinese Āgama counterparts. Then it compares the main teachings contained in the two versions. Also, this article for the first time provides a full translation of the relevant Chinese Buddhist texts for comparison. It reveals similarities but also significant differences in both structure and content.

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